Whispering Cairn

Alastor's grave

A ghost manifests before the group. The phantom with a broken neck possesses Telgar and speaks through him. He states that his name is Alastor and he has been dead for countless centuries, cursed to be bound to this room where his body lies, somewhere below the spheres. He also reveals that the only way through the door across the beam on the opposite side of the room is for him to hit a release on the other side, as he can go through the wall.

Ghouls, Gricks & Lots of Balls
Submerged rooms and traps galore!

Atoori, Kyran, ‘Star, Talin, Telgar, & Vala return to the Whispering Cairn from the town of Diamond Lake, where they rested & resupplied. When they get to the room with the alcoves for each color, they take the elevator under the yellow lantern to continue exploring the underwater part of that area. ’Star casts the spells, Air Bubble onto Telgar’s head as Vala casts Light onto his shield. The others tie a rope around his waist. Once submerged, he begins to search the water filled room. About halfway through the room, Telgar is attacked by something in the water. All he can make out is a pair of glowing eyes. He pulls on the rope to signal that he’s being attacked. The rest of the team plunges into the darkened water; Atoori casting Faerie Fire on himself, as ‘Star runs to tie and anchor the rope around the elevator across the hallway. The team finds Telgar battling what appears to be nothing, until they realize that it’s a Water Elemental! It’s vortex leaves Kyran and Vala spinning as the rest subdue it. The team holds their breath and continues to search underwater. Telgar proceeds to the entrance of one of the side chambers and is attacked by a Ghoul. Unbeknownst by the rest of the group, 2 more undead were approaching from the other side chamber across the room. Talin signals to retreat. Vala, Atoori and Kyran make it back to the steps leading out of the water as ‘Star, Telgar and Talin fight off the undead. Once the ghoul and zombies are vanquished, they all head out of the water to catch their breath and regroup. Then they go back underwater to search the small chambers. ’Star finds a waterlogged trunk that has 2 pp, 38 gp, 55 sp and a Member of the Seeker’s Ring. In the opposite chamber, under a bench, Atoori & Telgar find a dead human in red leather armor clutching something – the Red Lantern. They also find a +1 short sword. The last area to inspect has 2 adjacent doors. One with a male figure on the door; the other with a female figure. In the female’s bathroom, ‘Star finds a magic Feather Token. In the male’s bathroom is a Copper Puzzle Box.

They hang and light the Red Lantern.

The group proceeds to the tunnel above the Blue Lantern. The pressure plate trap on the floor 60 feet inside it is not able to be disarmed. Atoori Levitates Kyran so he can secure pitons and rope to the ceiling. He lands next to a door within the open mouth of the giant face at the end of the hallway. The stone door has a hand shaped indent. Kyran pushes on the indent and the door slides away a few inches, then slams down into the floor. There, a 3 ft wide beam of petrified wood spans the room to another closed door. 10 feet below the beam, the floor is full of orange sized balls. The walls are honeycombed from top to bottom. Kyran hears giggling right before a grick appears. He grapples the aberration and throws it down into the balls below, which it easily burrows beneath.

Eyeballs & Beetle Juice
It's hard to hit the small ones!

The team spends the night in the ruins of the once 2 story building outside of the cave. In the morning, Dilwright and Vala head back to the town of Diamond Lake. ’Star casts Comprehend Languages on herself and with Talin, Kyran, Atoori, & Telgar heads back into the Whispering Cairn.

When they enter the ‘whispers’ they heard before, blowing through the tubes in the wall say in another language to “Turn back while you still can. Beware!”. Now being able to understand, ‘Star relays the warnings to the others. They enter undeterred. Searching more thoroughly, ’Star finds some shards of black glass in the wreckage of the ’mirror’ with the Transportation Glyph. Within the wolves den, they find a rusty battle axe and also a marble index finger. Kyran points out that it is probably the missing finger from the sarcophagus in the center of the room with the colored lanterns and alcoves. They attempt to replace the finger back onto the hand of the reclining figure atop the sarcophagus lid, but fail. Meanwhile, Atoori finds that there is a fire trap on the lid, which he then disarms. Within the coffin, there is nothing to be found.

The group moves the sarcophagus to point at the green recess and with an enormous crashing sound, the elevator collapses within itself, creating a crater 60 feet down. They proceed to point the sarcophagus to the indigo recess. The elevator there has crushed bones. Talin puts an arrow within the elevator, it comes back snapped and crushed. The yellow elevator seems to work properly.

The group then decides to use the rope they have to rappel down into the chasm that was once the green elevator. At the bottom, a large stone is blocking the hallway passage, and seems to be on a pressure plate. Atoori disables the trap and the men proceed to push the stone out of the way. Down the hallway are solemn statues with hands cupped (presumably for oil to light). The group doesn’t get past the first statue to investigate, however, as Atoori is attacked by an aberration consisting of mere eyeballs attached by optic nerves. It’s tiny frame constantly grappling with Atoori to the point where no one can really harm the creature. Kyran attempts a flurry of blows, but only ends up hitting Atoori. ‘Star casts True Strike and hits with her crossbow, and eventually they’re able to kill the creature.

Whispering Cairn
The Wolves at the Cairn

Near the entrance to the Whispering Cairn stands the wreckage of a 2 story building. It appears to have been an office or building used when the miners were present, but much of it is destroyed as the second floor has collapsed into the first. Investigating a little, Atoori breaks in a window to enter an abandoned part of the architecture. It would appear that in the past, travelers have used that area as shelter.

Upon entering the Cairn, the wind seems to create whispering voices. Stylized runes/characters line the walls. Beneath some of the crumbling walls are tubes. We think air moving through the tubes are causing the ‘whispering’ sounds.

Talin notices wolf prints in the dust.

In the alcove to the (east? west?) there stands a small apparatus upon a marble platform. Vala and Dilwright determine that the glyph is of Transportation.

Wolves attack. Dilwright’s splash knocks out Talin.

A flickering green light can be seen occasionally through the webs.

Kyran goes through some rubble alone and finds an Elven Leather Armband with a leaf motif and an Indigo Lantern in a tattered backpack.

Mosaic of the seven colored lanterns.

Burn the webs, spiders are not dangerous.

7 alcoves, domed ceiling is 30 ft high, marble sarcophagus, missing finger, pointing towards the unlit yellow lantern. ’Star and Talin light the yellow lantern. An cylindrical elevator rumbles uneasily up from the floor. By moving the sarcophagus to point towards an alcove things happen. The green elevator moves smoothly. The blue alcove is higher than the rest, but no elevator. A crushed corpse is examined by ’Star; cause of death, falling. ’Star and Vala notice an open passageway near the top of the blue alcove. Yellow, Green & Indigo have elevators, Red lantern is missing.

Atoori levitates with a rope and a spike to the passageway opening in the blue alcove. We all climb up. 70 feet in there’s a face at the end of the hall. Kyran triggers the trap. All hell breaks loose. Some are affected by Hold Person. Wind starts to pick up, blowing them away. Some escape down the rope or the lantern’s chain.

Diamond Lake
Conversations at the Black Lace Curtain

Three days prior, while praying at the shrine on the road outside town, ‘Star has an upsetting portent. Her vision of green ooze and worms seeping from Desna’s shrine disturbs her to her core. On the way back she runs into Dilwright collecting herbs and reagents for his studies and Alchemy Shop. As they continue back to town, three locals approach her for healing. When she mentions that it looks like a bear attack, they tell her to mind her own business, shut her yap and to just heal them.

On the same day, Vala finds that one of her beehives are somehow infested with maggots. An unsettling omen.

A trio of adventurers from the Free City have been loudly talking and boasting in the Black Lace Curtain about going to adventure at the Whispering Cairn, roughly 15 miles from Diamond Lake.

While on her way into town to deliver the candles that various townsfolk have ordered, Vala meets Kyran, a monk that she has noticed around before. Introducing themselves, they approach the town together.

After hearing the adventurers talk of treasures & riches, Atoori speaks with Vala as she drops off some candles to see if she would like to join him in investigating the Cairn. He then talks with Telgar who quickly agrees, and invites ’Star. She mentions that she knows of a ranger, Talin that could help guide and escort them through the wilderness to the Whispering Cairn.

Talin and Kyran meet each other at the general goods store as both are getting supplies. Vala enters the store to sell more candles and asks the monk and ranger to join the expedition to the Cairn, hoping their skills would be useful.

Vala speaks with Dillwright at the Alchemy shop.

A Start to Our Story

We begin in a town named Diamond Lake.

Most of Diamond Lake’s inhabitants are miners and laborers, serious folk who spend most of their lives toiling below ground. When not working, the miners celebrate along the Vein, a seedy road lined with ale-houses and brothels. Overall, the village is a sooty, sullen place prone to unpleasant bursts of violence and passion. But Diamond Lake holds plenty of opportunities for adventure, for the uplands on the lakeside opposite the village are rife with ancient tombs that for centuries have named them the Cairn.

Miner camps, bars, game halls, garrison (law), brothels, cults, trader caravans.

Also, in the past 20 years the town has become very corrupt with crime, prostitution, drugs and blackmail. More recently, part of the town was destroyed by the black dragon.


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