Whispering Cairn

Diamond Lake

Conversations at the Black Lace Curtain

Three days prior, while praying at the shrine on the road outside town, ‘Star has an upsetting portent. Her vision of green ooze and worms seeping from Desna’s shrine disturbs her to her core. On the way back she runs into Dilwright collecting herbs and reagents for his studies and Alchemy Shop. As they continue back to town, three locals approach her for healing. When she mentions that it looks like a bear attack, they tell her to mind her own business, shut her yap and to just heal them.

On the same day, Vala finds that one of her beehives are somehow infested with maggots. An unsettling omen.

A trio of adventurers from the Free City have been loudly talking and boasting in the Black Lace Curtain about going to adventure at the Whispering Cairn, roughly 15 miles from Diamond Lake.

While on her way into town to deliver the candles that various townsfolk have ordered, Vala meets Kyran, a monk that she has noticed around before. Introducing themselves, they approach the town together.

After hearing the adventurers talk of treasures & riches, Atoori speaks with Vala as she drops off some candles to see if she would like to join him in investigating the Cairn. He then talks with Telgar who quickly agrees, and invites ’Star. She mentions that she knows of a ranger, Talin that could help guide and escort them through the wilderness to the Whispering Cairn.

Talin and Kyran meet each other at the general goods store as both are getting supplies. Vala enters the store to sell more candles and asks the monk and ranger to join the expedition to the Cairn, hoping their skills would be useful.

Vala speaks with Dillwright at the Alchemy shop.



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