Whispering Cairn

Eyeballs & Beetle Juice

It's hard to hit the small ones!

The team spends the night in the ruins of the once 2 story building outside of the cave. In the morning, Dilwright and Vala head back to the town of Diamond Lake. ’Star casts Comprehend Languages on herself and with Talin, Kyran, Atoori, & Telgar heads back into the Whispering Cairn.

When they enter the ‘whispers’ they heard before, blowing through the tubes in the wall say in another language to “Turn back while you still can. Beware!”. Now being able to understand, ‘Star relays the warnings to the others. They enter undeterred. Searching more thoroughly, ’Star finds some shards of black glass in the wreckage of the ’mirror’ with the Transportation Glyph. Within the wolves den, they find a rusty battle axe and also a marble index finger. Kyran points out that it is probably the missing finger from the sarcophagus in the center of the room with the colored lanterns and alcoves. They attempt to replace the finger back onto the hand of the reclining figure atop the sarcophagus lid, but fail. Meanwhile, Atoori finds that there is a fire trap on the lid, which he then disarms. Within the coffin, there is nothing to be found.

The group moves the sarcophagus to point at the green recess and with an enormous crashing sound, the elevator collapses within itself, creating a crater 60 feet down. They proceed to point the sarcophagus to the indigo recess. The elevator there has crushed bones. Talin puts an arrow within the elevator, it comes back snapped and crushed. The yellow elevator seems to work properly.

The group then decides to use the rope they have to rappel down into the chasm that was once the green elevator. At the bottom, a large stone is blocking the hallway passage, and seems to be on a pressure plate. Atoori disables the trap and the men proceed to push the stone out of the way. Down the hallway are solemn statues with hands cupped (presumably for oil to light). The group doesn’t get past the first statue to investigate, however, as Atoori is attacked by an aberration consisting of mere eyeballs attached by optic nerves. It’s tiny frame constantly grappling with Atoori to the point where no one can really harm the creature. Kyran attempts a flurry of blows, but only ends up hitting Atoori. ‘Star casts True Strike and hits with her crossbow, and eventually they’re able to kill the creature.



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