Whispering Cairn


A Start to Our Story

We begin in a town named Diamond Lake.

Most of Diamond Lake’s inhabitants are miners and laborers, serious folk who spend most of their lives toiling below ground. When not working, the miners celebrate along the Vein, a seedy road lined with ale-houses and brothels. Overall, the village is a sooty, sullen place prone to unpleasant bursts of violence and passion. But Diamond Lake holds plenty of opportunities for adventure, for the uplands on the lakeside opposite the village are rife with ancient tombs that for centuries have named them the Cairn.

Miner camps, bars, game halls, garrison (law), brothels, cults, trader caravans.

Also, in the past 20 years the town has become very corrupt with crime, prostitution, drugs and blackmail. More recently, part of the town was destroyed by the black dragon.



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