Whispering Cairn

Whispering Cairn

The Wolves at the Cairn

Near the entrance to the Whispering Cairn stands the wreckage of a 2 story building. It appears to have been an office or building used when the miners were present, but much of it is destroyed as the second floor has collapsed into the first. Investigating a little, Atoori breaks in a window to enter an abandoned part of the architecture. It would appear that in the past, travelers have used that area as shelter.

Upon entering the Cairn, the wind seems to create whispering voices. Stylized runes/characters line the walls. Beneath some of the crumbling walls are tubes. We think air moving through the tubes are causing the ‘whispering’ sounds.

Talin notices wolf prints in the dust.

In the alcove to the (east? west?) there stands a small apparatus upon a marble platform. Vala and Dilwright determine that the glyph is of Transportation.

Wolves attack. Dilwright’s splash knocks out Talin.

A flickering green light can be seen occasionally through the webs.

Kyran goes through some rubble alone and finds an Elven Leather Armband with a leaf motif and an Indigo Lantern in a tattered backpack.

Mosaic of the seven colored lanterns.

Burn the webs, spiders are not dangerous.

7 alcoves, domed ceiling is 30 ft high, marble sarcophagus, missing finger, pointing towards the unlit yellow lantern. ’Star and Talin light the yellow lantern. An cylindrical elevator rumbles uneasily up from the floor. By moving the sarcophagus to point towards an alcove things happen. The green elevator moves smoothly. The blue alcove is higher than the rest, but no elevator. A crushed corpse is examined by ’Star; cause of death, falling. ’Star and Vala notice an open passageway near the top of the blue alcove. Yellow, Green & Indigo have elevators, Red lantern is missing.

Atoori levitates with a rope and a spike to the passageway opening in the blue alcove. We all climb up. 70 feet in there’s a face at the end of the hall. Kyran triggers the trap. All hell breaks loose. Some are affected by Hold Person. Wind starts to pick up, blowing them away. Some escape down the rope or the lantern’s chain.



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