Dilwright Bottlerocket

A Gnome Alchemist with azure hair and grey eyes. Ka-boom...


Dilwright Bottlerocket is a Gnome that moved to Diamond Lake about 7 years ago. At 44, he’s a relatively young Gnome who’s father, Milhouse Bottlerocket, sent away to study Alchemy after nearly burning their cottage down… thrice. Dilwright works and studies with the local, elderly Gnome Alchemist Master named Jibs Ribblebibs. Jibs doesn’t work much with customers anymore and Dilwright has taken over most of the duties at the Alchemist shop.

He’s been peddling “illicit” tonics, elixirs and poisons to try and save up some money to buy out Jibs, so Jibs can retire or to simply open his own shop where he can base the operation for his grand discoveries. On occasion he leaves Diamond Lake for days on trips to scavenge rare materials, components and do research for himself and for Jibs.

He knows of the Black Lace Curtain and frequents there to sell poisons, “luck potions” and other tonics.

He also works occasionally with ’Star to scavenge components together and work on crafting healing tonics and sharing some minor trade secrets.

Dilwright Bottlerocket

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