Human Fighter


Telgar was a young sellsword. He spent 2 years fighting goblins and orc in the wildlands around Diamond Lake. After surviving a few battles he decided he wanted the thrill and reward of adventure. He spent a few months with a hodgepodge of bands but never round the treasure he expected. His thirst for treasure and adventure not sated, he hired on for one of the craziest and most dangerous adventures known to humans – a trek to the underdark. As so many grand schemes end, Telgar and his party were easily defeated by the first party of Drow they encountered.

Telgar survived the initial attack but found a fate worse than death when he was taken prisoner and enslaved. Time lost all meaning as he herded the underdark animal he still couldn’t name until a lone Drow scrambled up to him followed by two Drow warriors. The diminutive renegade quickly unlocked his chains; rage filled him along with a sense of freedom. He struck out with all his force, the chains wrapping around one warriors neck with a sickening crack. Telgar turned and saw the rogue pulling his dagger out of the back of the other warrior, who had turned at Telgar’s assault.

“Come with me.” was all the Drow rogue said in guttural human speak.

Hours turned to days, and days to weeks, before Telgar felt the sun on his face. He was free; the nightmare of darkness had passes and he had reached the surface. He vowed never to got underground again. He looked at Atoori, his companion through is worst nightmare and realized a bond that went beyond color of skin. Telgar realized that he would follow his new brother through anything, no matter now crazy, he just hoped they didn’t have to go underground…

Years later his is happy cracking skulls in a bar, the drinks are cheaper and the women more willing to spend time with a known commodity when not with a client..but the lust for treasure keeps his mind wandering to something more…


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