Aasimar Cleric


Onyx black hair and amethyst eyes Cleric of Desna


Every night, in bed, before falling asleep, ‘Star would talk to someone. She has been doing it since before she could remember – Speaking to someone that wasn’t there. Sometimes out loud, sometimes in her head, she always knew someone or something was listening as she whispered while falling asleep. (Eventually she learned that it was called ‘prayer’, but we’ll get to that later.) She was never afraid of the dark, or of any nightmare (at least not when she awoke from them) and she always knew that dreams meant so much more than they appeared. Her favorite dreams were those of the beautiful butterflies fluttering around her in the starlit night.

It was fortunate that ‘Star was born to traveling merchants, as she loved to be on the move. Through the Spring, Summer, & Fall, her & her parents were on the road; Going from town to town, buying and selling goods, to eventually return to their meager shop in the city to open during the Winters. She loved ’working’ in her parents shop too. Not that she had to stock the shelves or do any book keeping (she never had a head for numbers), but because her parents would have her listen to customer’s stories and dreams. It wasn’t until much later that she realized that these people came to see her and have her decipher their dreams for them. She was the main attraction of her parent’s shop. Who else in the city could say they had an Aasimar as their mascot. With her onyx black hair and amethyst eyes, she was used to people staring at her (usually in awe, sometimes fear). Especially when they were traveling, her parents would have her present for trading, transactions, and even social gathering. They were proud of their daughter, and it didn’t hurt their social standing.

When she was 15, a zealous mayor of a small village threatened her parents to leave, but forced her to stay, stating that it was her destiny to live there and that she was a good omen. Held against her will, eventually she was able to run away in the middle of the night. She wandered alone through the woods, (the scariest thing she had done thus far) until she came across a caravan camped near the road. It was more than luck that it happened to be a small group of clerics and bards that were at a roadside shrine of their Goddess Desna.

She joined them after sending word to her parents that she was safe and happy, and began her training. She was quick to learn the divine magic, healing and dream interpretation. However, learning to wield the starknife was challenging, but she was more than eager to prove herself. Being an Aasimar, she was often asked if she was directly related to the goddess Desna, but she neither cares, nor investigates the validity of such queries. She studied with them for 4 years before she had the dream. The dream was of her traveling through the woods towards a specific town.

She hired a Ranger, Talin, to guide her, as she wasn’t familiar with the landmarks of the area or the woods within her dream journey. They traveled and eventually reached the town of Diamond Lake. Once there, she set herself up as a local healer. Most of the town like her (the townsfolk often joke with her, saying that she’s like a star within the black soot of the town) and she is popular with the travelers and scouts, as well as gamblers and thieves that worship the Goddess of travel and luck. Healing the local bouncers and using her luck with the cards against any cheating card sharks helps too. She is happy to call Diamond Lake home, even if she often goes traveling. However, her reoccurring dream journey always reminds her to go back, no matter how far away she may go.


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